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Procedure Safety

We were one of the first studios in the country offering an entirely disposable practice. This means everything we use in order to perform your piercing procedure is thrown away immediately afterwards. The reason behind this practice is to ensure the safety of our clients and minimise the risk of any cross contamination.
Disposable piercings practices is something Mike feels extremely passionate about and has taught classes on the subject at the Association of Professional Piercers conference in Las Vegas, USA as well as the UK Association of Professional Piercers conference here in England.

All of the single use tools and jewellery used during the piercing procedure have been sterilised in our top of the range SciCan Statim 2000 G4 autoclave. This not only assures us everything is sterile but also allows us to keep records of every single cycle we do, forever.
During the procedures we follow a strict aseptic technique, this means we create a sterile field around the procedure site using an appropriate skin preparation and sterile drape as well as sterile gloves. By  following this essential set of practices we protect our clients from any associated infections and complications.

Your safety is the most important thing to us and we continue to learn new techniques and practices to keep you safe.
All of our piercers have full, up to date Blood Borne Pathogen training, First Aid training and CPR certification.

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Early and late appointments can be arranged if required.

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